usan Portman, originally a Midwestern artist now living in Jerusalem, received her formal art training at the Columbus College of Art and Design. She combines watercolor, gouache, ink and collage in her work. Susan has a strong interest in color and design and how they interact and are perceived by the viewer. Her award winning paintings have been exhibited extensively and are currently on display in synagogues and private collections in the United States and abroad. Susan gives private art lessons and workshops; she also designs dolls and jewelry.

er love of Israel and Jerusalem in particular, has energized her work. The architectural landscape, the markets and alleyways filled with Middle Eastern flavor are a constant source of inspiration.

ollage and mixed media allow me the freedom to utilize many different textures alluding to the parchment, tapestry and scrolls of the ancients. By recreating what has been, I hope to insure the continuity of what will be."